Vetiver Australia

Vetiver Grass Sales

  • Quotes for bulk supply from our nursery
  • Consultants for planting Vetiver grass and how to maintain optimum health
  • Supply available for all of Australia
  • Quarantine required for Western Australia, Tasmania and Overseas

Quotes - 0448 580 382

We quote for commerical projects in bulk quantities. Vetiver can be supplied in three forms:

  • Slips - these plants 2-4 stems and are ready for potting or planting.
  • Starter Plants - these are slips that have an established root system and ready to be planted.
  • Mature Plants - these are well established plants with 5-8 stems and ready to be planted from our nursery.

Our services include:

  • Supply only
  • Supply and plant
  • Supply, plant and maintenance

All our orders are custom crafted to meet the unique needs of each project. Quotes can include combinations of slips, starter and mature plants. We can arrange for the planting to meet your schedule and also offer a range of maintenance options.

Please contact us on 0448 580 382 (within Australia) +61.4.4858.0382 (outside Australia) or use the Contact Us to discuss your project.